EXRS 2008 Rudjer Boskovic Institute
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EXRS-2008 Secretariat
Rudjer Boskovic Institute
P.O. Box 180
10002 Zagreb, Croatia
e-mail: exrs2008@irb.hr

Important dates

December 2007
2nd Announcement and
call for papers

March 1st, 2008
Submission of abstracts

April 1st, 2008
Notification of acceptance

May 1st, 2008
Early registration

May 15th, 2008
Final announcements

Scientific Program

EXRS-2008 will comprise oral and poster contributions on the latest scientific and technological results and will be supplemented by high level invited and review presentations. Young scientists will have the opportunity to present their work in short oral presentations as well as in poster sessions. Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts of original and unpublished work in one of the Conference sessions.

Invited Speakers

David Cohen, Australia
Jean Claude Dousse, Switzerland
Terrence Jach, USA
Frank de Groot, The Netherlands
Maria Filomena Guerra, France
Wolfgang Malzer, Germany
Philippe Moretto, France
Gyorgy Vanko, Hungary
Alex von Bohlen, Germany
Kazuto Yamauchi, Japan
Darek Wegrzynek, IAEA

International Advisory Committee

Burkhard Beckhoff, Germany
Maria Luisa Carvalho, Portugal
Roberto Cesareo, Italy
Jorge E. Fernandez, Italy
Yohichi Gohshi, Japan
Marie-Christine Lepy, France
Marcelo Rubio, Argentina
Eva Selin-Lindgren, Sweden
Szabina Török, Hungary
René Van Grieken, Belgium
Peter Wobrauschek, Austria

Organizing Committee

Stjepko Fazinic, Co-chair *
Milko Jaksic, Co-chair *
Mladen Bogovac *
Iva Bozicevic *
Vladan Desnica ***
Desa Jelavic *
Marko Karlusic *
Luka Mandic **
Ivo Orlic **
Zeljko Pastuovic *
Iva Bogdanovic Radovic *
Mira Ristic *
Zdravko Siketic *
Natko Skukan *
Darek Wegrzynek ****
Ivana Zamboni *

* Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb
** University of Rijeka
*** University of Zagreb
**** International Atomic Energy Agency

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TXRF 2009


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